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As the leading manufacturing of brake pads and linings to the commercial vehicle market, BAIYUN works closely with the fleets and heavy duty truck and bus manufacturers to engineer a range of friction materials that are specific to individual vehicles and their braking systems, BAIYUN makes a large number of practical road tests with them and provides the optimum braking solution. Up to now, BAIYUN has over 120 models disc brake pads for commercial vehicles including trucks, trailers,buses and coaches


  • Meets ECE R90 and ISO26865 standards
  • O.E. level quality and performance
  • Excellent braking and safety performance
  • Premium long service life
  • Excellent NVH properties
  • Excellent disc compatibility
  • Braking comfort and feel


BAIYUN formulas are specifically designed to meet today’s O.E. and automotive aftermarket performance standards and demands, including new stopping distance regulations, as well as the demands of heavy duty applications.
Each brake pad is specially engineered for its purpose and vehicle, with some products featuring up to 45 raw materials to create the perfect formula.

Steel Plates

Brake pads are exposed to extreme conditions and loads, none more so than those fitted to commercial vehicles. A secure bonding of the friction material to the backing plate is therefore imperative. Depending on the application and thermal load, BAIYUN brakes uses a range of different mechanical processes on its commercial vehicle brake pads to provide the strength that each application demands.

Hardware Kits

Brakes are one of the vehicles most damaged parts due to impacts and vibrations they take every day.
Adequate brake pad retention is fundamental for braking safety. So having the correct hardware kits for your brake pad and caliper is critical.

1.There are 15 different brake friction formulations for disc brake pads of commercial vehicles in our portfolio. We design and engineer each friction formulation specifically for the vehicle’s requirements to deliver optimum performance, comfort and longevity.
2.Adopt top core raw materials, and cooperate with famous brand in their respective raw materials like: American Dupond aramid fiber, Holland DSM Mineral fiber, Japan Otsuka PTW and Shengquan phenolic resin etc.
3.Each formulation has passed up to 2,000 hours of dynamo-meter testing and up to 300,000 kilometers of testing, intensive NVH testing (Noise, Vibration, Harshness)and comfort engineering
4.Each brake pad is pushed to the extremes by our technical team before it is released into the market.

Main Formulation:

  • CP-2203: Excellent braking and stability, braking comfort, long service life,excellent disc compatibility, excellent NVH properties.
  • CP-2214: O.E. level quality, excellent braking and safety performance, premium long service life,excellent NVH properties, excellent disc compatibility.
  • CP-2218: Excellent braking and stability, long service life, disc compatibility, excellent NVH properties.
  • CP-2219: Excellent braking performance, high wear performance, good NVH properties,disc compatibility.
  • CP-2271M: Excellent braking performance with disc compatibility, premium long service life, high strength.